Turkey Pow

I’m stealing this headline from Opensnow because I like it.

I’m still in the process of adding a method to a WordPress plugin to display error histograms on the resort pages. It’s actually relatively easy to do in theory, but I can’t decide how to display the charts. I could display all the data at once. But I think that would be too crowded. I haven’t tested this out yet because I’m 99% sure it will be. Other solutions would be to initially display one histogramĀ and have links to the others. Haven’t decided on this yet.

In other news, I decided to produce a best-estimate of the next 24 hour snow forecast based on the 5 sources I track. Tomorrow is kind of boring with only two resorts forecast to get over 1″. I haven’tĀ started tracking these forecasts yet to see how they compare, but mathematically, they shouldn’t be worse. Which isn’t to say they’re going to be better. Most likely they are going to be statistically the same. Which is a bummer, but we all use the same models to issue forecasts.

Weather-wise, we’re in a bit of a slump. There’s a cold front coming through in a few days that will likely bring some snow to the state. Commenters on Opensnow seem to be stoked. It’s still too early in the season.

I’m still writing a “should-I-go-skiing-today” script. It’s obviously based on snow forecasts for the 24 hours as well as snowfall over the previous week. It’ll give more weight to recent snow. And obviously if it just snowed 10″ overnight, it’ll tell you to call in sick.

My name is Nathan Johnson and I have a Masters degree in Meteorology. I also snowboard and live in Boulder, Colorado.I have a strong desire to see precise, accurate snow forecasts. It is my hope that independent validation and verification leads to better forecasts.

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